[Can people who lose weight eat purple potatoes]_ Slimming _ Can I eat

[Can people who lose weight eat purple potatoes]_ Slimming _ Can I eat

Purple sweet potato is a relatively common food in life, with high nutritional value and low conversion, so it is very popular with female friends.

But some people are losing weight, can they eat purple sweet potatoes?

In order to solve this problem, I will introduce to you whether you can eat purple sweet potato to lose weight, and how to match weight loss better.

Friends who are losing weight can try to make their own recipes with additional introductions.

Can people who lose weight eat purple potatoes? Eating purple potatoes can lose weight. The moisture content in them is very low, which makes you feel full, relieve edema, and lower blood pressure. It is a nutritious food for weight loss.

Here is a detail to pay attention to. Do not eat purple sweet potatoes on an empty stomach, otherwise it will cause gastrointestinal upset, which will cause a large amount of gastric acid secreted in the stomach and make you feel heartburn and acid reflux.

How to eat purple potatoes to lose weight Purple potatoes are very suitable for people who lose weight and have high blood pressure. The conversion ratio of purple potatoes to sweet potatoes should be reduced. Purple potatoes can also be eaten with other foods. Let ‘s take a look at how to eat purple potatoes.Can lose weight?

Breakfast with purple potato cucumber 羹 Purple potato with cucumber can be cooked into purple potato cucumber 这样, this combination can help to lose weight, so that you can detoxify and beauty, but also can supplement your body’s nutrition, strengthen resistance, avoid anemia, and add rich iron content.

The practice of purple potato and cucumber is simple and convenient. First, cook and peel the purple potato, peel the cucumber, cut into diced pieces, pour the appropriate amount of milk into the bowl, and stir well. Finally, pour into the blender and stir.Once there, you can take it out and accept it.

Improve the effect of eating purple potato plum rice with purple plum and purple potato plum rice can promote digestion, light and not get angry, low conversion, supplementary nutrition can also help lose weight.

The practice of purple potato plum rice is convenient. As soon as you learn it, you only need to prepare 100 grams of purple potato, 90 grams of coarse rice, 10 grams of corn, and an appropriate amount of plums.

First, wash 100 grams of purple sweet potatoes and cut them into dices. Crush the corn. Rinse the rice a little. Then pour all the rice into a rice cooker and press the rice. After the time is cooked, you can open the lid and serve.

It is best to eat purple sweet potato for dinner. Vegetables and fruits are the first. The purple sweet potato is recommended because the purple sweet potato contains starch, so the amount should be controlled. It is best not to exceed 200 grams of purple sweet potato.

The editor here recommends a purple potato that can help you long-term beauty and beauty, and has a better weight loss effect. Purple potato + Tremella, purple potato Tremella paste can help you quickly digestion and digestion, and will soon cut into the body.Clearing heat, moisturizing and nourishing yin.

The specific method of purple potato tremella is also the method of stewing, without the need for oil and salt.

The night before, soak the white fungus first, clean and cook the purple potatoes and peel them. Add purple potato puree and white fungus, red dates, pear slices, and rock sugar to the pot and start to stew for 30 minutes.

Benefits of eating purple sweet potatoes Antioxidant A Japanese study found that purple sweet potato anthocyanins have stronger antioxidant power than chlorogenic acid (which is an important healthy ingredient in fruits such as apples) and vitamin C.

Regulation of intestinal flora has been found that purple potato anthocyanins can change the composition of microorganisms in the large intestine and significantly increase the “good bacteria” such as Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus and Enterococcus in the body.

Researchers believe that the consumption of purple anthocyanins may be beneficial to the so-called microbial environment and human health.

Protecting eyesight When mentioned that anthocyanins have protective effects on eyesight, people can easily think of “blueberries”.

In fact, the anthocyanins in purple potatoes have similar effects.

Studies have found that purple potato anthocyanins have a promoting effect on the growth of retinal pigment epithelial cells, so it may also have a potential role in protecting vision.

How to eat purple sweet potatoes to control weight loss Sweet potatoes and purple sweet potatoes are not low in sugar, you should control your food intake.

Especially people with high blood sugar should eat less.

Sweet potatoes and purple sweet potatoes can be used as staple foods. If you like to eat them as the opposite, you should reduce the amount of other staple foods in the meal containing sweet potatoes and purple sweet potatoes.

Let cool down and eat sweet potatoes and purple potatoes are starchy foods.

The glycemic index of starchy foods will be affected by temperature. The starchy foods with high temperature have a higher glycemic index than the starchy foods with lower temperature. The glycemic index increases, and the more easily the food is digested, the higher the blood sugar.Big.

Therefore, it is not recommended to eat sweet potatoes and purple potatoes as soon as they are cooked.

You can cool down a bit before eating.

Eat purple vegetables and sweet potatoes as staple food with vegetables and fruits. Eat vegetables and fruits to eat and lose weight better.

The transition between purple potatoes and sweet potatoes is not low, while vegetables and fruits have a strong satiety and low conversion. At the same time, eating together can ensure the richness of nutrition and reduce conversion.