[Efficacy of White Radish Mushroom Stew]_ White Radish Mushroom _ Stew Method _ Benefits

[Efficacy of White Radish Mushroom Stew]_ White Radish Mushroom _ Stew Method _ Benefits

Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer. In winter, many people start to eat white radish, stir-fry, cook rice, and make soup. The nutritional value of white radish is very high. The one that is particularly familiar is nourishing lungs and coughing.Our stomachs move.

In addition to these, white radish and other ingredients will also have very good effects, such as stewed with shiitake mushrooms will have anti-cancer and lower three high effects.

Start healthy on our daily diet to have a healthier body.

The efficacy of white radish stewed mushrooms has been said since ancient times, “radish is on the market, Langzhongxiashi”.

It can be seen that white radish has been respected from ancient times to today as a food with health effects.

White radish can improve the body’s immunity, fight cancer, and also provide the vitamins necessary for the body.

So how can white radish eat better?

Today I will give you a braised dish without oil: braised shiitake white radish.

Do you want to make braised vegetables without oil?

After reading this article, you suddenly realized.

White radish with it stew anti-cancer, lower three high, prevent colds!

Braised shiitake mushrooms and white radish are anti-cancer, lower three heights, and prevent colds: 1 white radish, 10 shiitake mushrooms, 1 tablespoon of braised soy sauce, 1/2 tablespoon of salt, and a small amount of sugar.

Method: 1. Soak the dried shiitake mushrooms first, and change it a few times in the early stage to wash the sediment in the shiitake mushroom umbrella cover.

2. Wash and peel the white radish and cut into hobs for later use.

3. Pour the white radish pieces together with the soaked mushrooms and the water of the mushrooms into the inner pot of the rice cooker, or use an ordinary cooking pot.

(Note: Do not mix the water of the mushrooms. It contains many nutrients and the aroma of the mushrooms.

) 4, add an appropriate amount of salt, not too much; add a little white sugar, white sugar is used to enhance freshness and taste, not too much, it is appropriate not to eat sweetness.

5. Finally add one tablespoon of braised soy sauce.

If there is no braised soy sauce, you can use raw soy sauce and old soy sauce instead.

6. After mixing well, put all the ingredients into the cooking pot and simmer on the fire.

White radish is anti-cancer, lowers three highs 1. Anti-cancer white radish contains lignin, which can enhance the function of macrophages to engulf bacteria, foreign bodies and necrotic cells, thereby enhancing the body’s immune capacity and exerting anti-cancer effects.

2. Lowering blood pressure White radish can dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and increase the cholesterol content of the body.

3. Hypolipidemic white radish is expected to have higher levels of fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, vitamin C and folic acid.

White radish can soften blood vessels and reduce blood lipids.

4, lower blood sugar white radish can lower blood sugar, help reduce the risk of diabetic patients, but also lower cholesterol.

5, to prevent colds White radish contains a large amount of organic sulfur compounds, this compound has a strong bactericidal power, has great potential for inflammation and cough caused by colds.

Lentinus edodes enhances immunity, anti-cancer1, double immunity can increase the phagocytic function of mouse peritoneal macrophages, can promote the production of T lymphocytes, and enhance the killing activity of T lymphocytes.

2. The water extract that delays the aging of Shiitake mushrooms has a scavenging effect on hydrogen peroxide and a certain elimination effect on hydrogen peroxide in the body.

3. The anti-cancer shiitake mushroom cover contains double-stranded ribonucleic acid. After entering the human body, it will produce interferon with anti-cancer effect.

4, lower blood pressure, blood lipid mushrooms are rich in purine, choline, tyrosine, oxidase and certain nucleic acid substances, can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, lower blood lipids, and prevent arteriosclerosis, liver cirrhosis and other diseases.
Stewed with white radish and shiitake mushrooms, it can fight cancer, lower the height of the three, and prevent colds.

White radish is cheap and has strong health benefits.

I ‘m going to take this diet therapy for everyone, and make it for the family to fight against cancer, lower the three highs, and prevent colds. Great!

Keep the whole family safe through the winter.