[Effects and Functions of Liubao Tea]_Liubao Tea_Benefits_Possibility

[Effects and Functions of Liubao Tea]_Liubao Tea_Benefits_Possibility

Liubao tea is a relatively well-known tea in daily life, which attracts people’s attention because of its possible large amount of nutrients.

In fact, drinking Liubao tea often has many functions and effects on human health, especially for vascular sclerosing complications.

First, Liubao Tea has the effect of lowering blood pressure, regulating blood lipids, and preventing vascular sclerosis. It has been reported long ago that tea has a blood pressure-lowering effect, and tea-specific theanine can activate dopamine neurons, thereby inhibiting blood pressure.Researchers have discovered that when the blood lipid content is high, it will become deposited on the vessel wall, which causes atherosclerosis and thrombus formation. The caffeine and catechins in tea can relax the vessel wall and relax the blood pressure.It will decrease, so that even the tea pigment has a significant antihypertensive effect.

Liubao Tea has good anti-hemagglutination, degrading trace and other effects, and can also promote the dissolution of fibrinogen and inhibit the accumulation of debris, relax the vessel wall and increase the effective diameter of the vessel, and then inhibit the aortic and coronary atherosclerotic plaqueThe formation of the block achieves the purpose of softening blood vessels and cardiovascular diseases by lowering blood pressure.

Second, Liubao tea has anti-oxidation, delays aging, and prolongs life. Liubao tea already has a lot of trace elements with antioxidant effects. It can also eliminate catechins, tea pigments, flavonoids, vitamin C, and vitamin E., D-carotene antioxidant.

And catechin, theaflavin, theanine, tea polysaccharides and complex flavonoids in Liubao tea have anti-oxidation and delay cell aging.

Third, Liubao tea can improve carbohydrate metabolism, reduce blood sugar, and prevent diabetes. The main component of hypoglycemia is the tea multicomponent complex in Liubao tea. Some scholars have measured the tea multivariate contained in several teas.Bao tea contains the highest tea polysaccharide, and its constituents are more active than other teas.

Fourth, Liubao tea has anti-cancer and anti-mutation effects. At present, there are many deaths due to cancer in the world. Since the late 1970s, scientists from various countries in the world have extracted tea components and found that theThe substance has an inhibitory effect on a variety of cancers.

Existing professional organizations use cutting-edge technology of modern drug screening to prove that the tea extract of Liubao tea does have a significant inhibitory effect on tumor cells.

V. Liubao Tea has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. The reason why Liubao Tea has the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects is that the main ingredients of Liubao Tea Soup are theaflavin and theophylline.

Studies have shown that theaflavins are completely effective free radical scavengers and antioxidants. They also have significant antibacterial effects on Enterobacter, Botox, Bacillus, Bacillus cereus, and Staphylococcus aureus.In addition, theaflavin has a certain inhibitory effect on influenza virus, enterovirus and rotavirus.

Six, Liubao tea can help digestion, smooth the gastrointestinal effect of degreasing. The caffeine in Liubao tea helps the body digestion. When the stomach is stimulated by caffeine, the secretion of gastric juice will increase, which will increase appetite and help digestion.

Some scholars have proved through scientific experiments that Liubao tea does have a strong anti-greasy, digestive and other functions.

In addition, Liubao tea can also improve the microbial environment in the body and has the effect of treating gastrointestinal disorders. Traditional folks have traditionally used the old Liubao tea to treat dysentery and bloating without digestion.

Seven, Liubao tea diuretic detoxification, reduce the toxicity of tobacco and alcohol The caffeine in Liubao tea can diuresis because the bladder is stimulated by the caffeine in tea to urinate, and drinking Liubao tea after drinking also helps to sober up and relieve alcohol.
At the same time, the tea polyphenols in Liubao tea can not only precipitate the nicotine of tobacco and excrete it with urine, but also reduce the toxic effect of smoke on the human body.

Tea polyphenols have a strong adsorption effect on heavy metal poisons, so drinking more tea can also alleviate the toxic effects of heavy metals.

Eight, Liubao tea can supplement and nutrition Liubao tea contains a variety of nutrients such as various trace elements, vitamins and minerals required by the human body, as well as proteins, amino acids, phospholipids and sugars.

By long-term blending of Liubao tea, it can supplement essential trace elements, amino acids and various vitamins.